June 1 - 7, 2020

Volunteer of the Year


photo of Bruce Ratliff

Bruce is a longtime (8 years) Scoring & Data volunteer and is reliable beyond any normal expectations! During the 2015 Tournament, we asked Bruce if he would help us out with Player Evacuation check-in each day of the tournament since we would be out on the course getting set up for the day. Bruce gladly accepted and was there early each morning to check-in the PE volunteers. He would then step into his role as an S&D Relief volunteer.

Most days he was scheduled to work on a later hole which would normally mean he didn’t have to come in so early but instead he was at the course hours (often arriving at the same time as us ~ 5:45 a.m.) before he was scheduled so that he could help us set up and check-in PE volunteers. So, for Bruce his day was typically much longer than a 12-hour shift – more like a 14-hour shift, especially on Thursday and Friday. Additionally, it is important to note that Bruce lives in Dayton so he commuted to the course every day from Dayton.

If we have new volunteers, we can rely on Bruce to help them get comfortable with the equipment as he typically signs up for a "relief" position with our group which means he roves between holes rather than staying stationary all day. So many of our volunteers are eager to request their "favorite hole" in hopes of getting to witness amazing golf from their favorite spot on the course. Every year Bruce signs-up and says "just put me where you need me". As a matter of fact, just a week ago Bruce texted me and said "Anything in particular you would like me to sign up for… I have no preference. I’ll sign up for relief but put me where you need to."

Bruce was the first to volunteer and told us countless times to "just put me where you need me". When any "sticky" situation arises, we know we can call on Bruce and he‘s there to help us handle the situation with his calm, laid-back demeanor.

About the Award

Volunteers are at the heart of the Memorial Tournament’s dedication to the Memorial Tournament Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Every year thousands of volunteers share their passion for helping others by giving their time and talents to the success of the Tournament.

More than thirty Nationwide Children's Hospital Auxilians serve on the the Memorial Tournament Volunteer Committee, benefiting Nationwide Children's Hospital. They are responsible for recruiting, scheduling and managing volunteers throughout the Tournament. This dedicated committee, representing the Memorial Tournament and Nationwide Children's Hospital, works to ensure professionalism from all Tournament volunteers.

For every hour worked by one of the volunteers of the Memorial Tournament Volunteer Committee, a donation is made to the Memorial Tournament NICU. It is in recognition of these selfless men and women that the Tournament annually honors an individual as the Volunteer of the Year.

The program began in 2003 and has since celebrated a recipient of the coveted award each year.

The Memorial Tournament Volunteer Committee kicks off the nomination process each year by requesting that each of the 15 committees recommend potential candidates. From those recommendations the top three candidates are chosen and voted on by a select committee of Tournament Officials. The Volunteer of the year is formally announced each May just prior to the start of Tournament week.

The Memorial's Volunteer of the Year award is supported by: